So gentle, soft, and sweet.
You give the flower
Its very life.
You quench the thirst
Of Earth's children.
You sparkle in a sunlit sky
Like diamonds,
Crystal clear.
The dying streams
And rivers small
Give thanks
To you.
You lull the earth
To sleep in peace
And quiet.
Your gentle pitter-patter
On the rooftops
Fills the heart with sun,
And contentment.
You wash the air we breathe
And leave it clean and pure.
Your tender touch
Is like a fairy's wand.
And when you're through
You bring the sun.
You are beautiful,

You demon of the sky,
You plunder,
You bring the wind
To help you in your play.
You rend the earth.
You tear her children
From her womb.
And from the darkened heavens
You dash your dev'lish pellets,
Like bullets, to her bosom.
Nothing escapes your satanic glee.
You beat against the rooftops,
But you cannot break through.
You rage.
You thunder. You spit fire.
You swell the rivers,
Flooding all.
You race in torrents
Through the valley floor.
You carry the soil
To the bottom of the sea.
And when you're through,
You bring the sun.
You are demonic,

1997 by Pasqual S. Schievella