In the foggy dawn
Protectingly low,
We slip into
The River Clyde.

Silently, slowly,
We glide over the
Smooth water
Darkened by
Low, ominous clouds.

The air reeks
With medieval aura.

The wind whines,
And whistles,
Whoos and twangs,
An orchestra
Of harps.

On water's edge
Floats the coast of
Rugged, beautiful,
Awe inspiring
Coast of Scotland
Its hilly head
Hidden in the mist
Of clouds,
The water dark
With friendly calm.

Villages nestled
In the Clyde valley
Warm and snuggly.

A church steeple
Stands erect
Beckoning silently.

Birds hover over us
Gliding on silent wings

How they swerve
And dive
Float and glide
On silent air
Cocking their white heads,
Yellow beaked
Eyeing us
Then settling
To calm waters.

Misty vaporous
Over all.

1997 by Pasqual S. Schievella