Added: June 30, 1999,
You have argued that God, because He is not matter, cannot have a brain and consequently can't see, hear, think, have knowledge, etc.  Haven't you ignored the fact that since He is Perfect in every way, He does not need to be matter and if He were, it would render Him imperfect?

I have treated this issue, indirectly, elsewhere in this home page.
First, DEFINING "God" not needing to be matter and being perfect says more about you than about "Him."
You cannot define something into existence anymore than you can define a flying horse into existence.
You are making a number of assumptions that are seriously in need of examination.
      Saying something (i.e., making a claim) does not make it a true claim.
      First, you are assuming what needs to be verified:
           that God exists,
           that He is perfect,
           that matter (a brain, artificial or natural) is not necessary to be able to think,
           that nothingness (Incorporeality) can be conscious,
           That you have a perfect idea of what 'perfect' means.
Given that you have not verified any of these claims and seem not to understand what has already been explained elsewhere on this subject, it hardly seems worth discussing further.

1997 by Pasqual S. Schievella